Romance Tips: Spending Time Together

Sit on the back porch and watch the thunderstorms during the summer while cuddled in a blanket.

Buy season tickets to the performing arts group of her choice. Most women like at least one performing art, whether it be opera, ballet, symphony, theatre, etc.. This way you will have a few pre-planned dates where you and her can dress in your finest, go to a romantic restaurant together, and enjoy the evening.

Watch the eclipse, stars or shooting stars together.

Take her on a romantic picnic at the place where you asked her out…or if you are married, the place where you proposed to her.

Take an adventurous road trip…flip a quarter (heads=yes, tails=no)and ask it random questions such as, “Should we turn left here?” “Should we pull over and kiss?” You may ask the magic quarter any questions that pop into your heads, and you must do what it tells you to do. But remember to first ask the quarter if it is a magic one, if not use another.

Borrow a canoe from a friend (or rent one) and go canoeing on a lake under the full moon. Wow, will he win big points!

Don’t think hot surprises or dates must take place in the evening. For example, if you don’t live together, suprise your significant other by going to their place early in the morning on a work day (*really* early so you have at least an hour together), and have breakfast together. If you live together, wake them up with a surprise kiss and enjoy a quiet hour in the morning. At worse, you’ll get up a little early and be a little late for work – but both of you will spend the day in a haze of love and happiness.

Sometimes when he is at work prepare a romantic atmosphere throughout the house with candles lit, and spread blankets out on the floor and have an indoor picnic by candlelight.

Is money tight? Go to your local library and check out a video (free) on great Italian Inns and tours. Order a pizza to be delivered later that night. When he gets home take him straight to bed where you eat pizza and watch the video and talk about which villa you would stay at on special occassion down the road (when we could afford it). It is like having your own little trip to Italy right at home.

Surprise your partner by sending the kids to a babysitter’s. Then treat yourselves to a romantic evening together (think picnic, movies, dinner, bubblebath and/or massages).

Surprise your spouse by taking the children to the baby sitter’s for the day and night. Start at 6 am. before he/she gets up from bed. When they wake up, have breakfast ready for them (of course their favorite foods) with a note saying that today is a day for US. Cook some food for a picnic and take a walk out into the woods with a blanket, food, and love on your mind. Spend a lot of time talking about anything and everything. When you go home that night watch a movie together while cuddling on the couch. Being close and being able to talk about stuff puts many people on the right track again. To me that is what keeps romance alive.

Here is another inexpensive, yet VERY romantic date. Find your local zoo, or a favorite not too far from home. This is a nice all day thing. Walk together and looked at the animals.

Be playful. Build a fort like little kids do using blankets, chairs and pillows. Turn off the lights and light a few candles.

If you are married, take your wife on a surprise date! A great idea to arrange this would be to tell her early in the week that you are going to take her out for a date on Friday night (that way she has the whole week to get excited). Don’t give her many details, just tell her when you’ll pick her up, what she should wear (try to arrange a place where it would be necessary for her to really dress up), and tell her that you’ll arrange the babysitter(if you have kids). Arrange to take her somewhere special, maybe the place you took her for your first date, or a restaurant she likes. For the day of the date it would be nice if you could stay at work, or anywhere but home, a little later so that you can get ready and pick her up at your house at the sheduled time. Bring flowers and be sure to tell her how beautiful she looks. Make sure that the babysitter is there. This will be just like when you two first started dating, and she’ll love it!

If you live in a dorm with a roommate, make plans for them not to be there for one whole night so you don’t have to worry about them coming in at the wrong time. Call your love over and do anything you want.

The drive-in movie is a long, lost art. Tell your sweetie that you are going to the movies, but previously have set up a TV/VCR outside. Thus, when you drive up to your set-up, you can roll down the windows, crank up the volume on the movie, and enjoy a romantic evening with the one you love. Note: you will need to do this near your home so you can access extension cords.

Go to the movie store and either rent or buy her favorite “chick flick” movie. When she gets home from work be waiting for her in the living room with the lights dimly lit, the movie in the VCR, a bowl of popped popcorn next to the couch, and a blanket for the two of you to snuggle underneath while watching the movie. If she doesn’t eat popcorn try using her favorite wine.

If you live in a northern climate, rake leaves with your significant other and then lay in the leaves together and talk.

Have a “play day” – especially if it is raining outside. Rent movies, cook breakfast together in your pjs and stay in them all day and – play!

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