Romance Tips: Romantic Atmosphere

Great for celebrating an anniversary: One Jaccuzzi suite with bubble bath, Two glasses with sparkling grape juice, heart-shaped balloons, rose petals on the bed, happy anniversary sign (our 24th) on wall, candles everywhere, chocolate kisses, roses (one for each year of marriage), red and white Christmas lights and music.

Try replacing your regular light bulb with a red light bulb to add a romantic atmosphere to the room. You can usually find them wherever you can purchase blacklites and lava lamps. Then you might want to say something like “Red is the color of love and this whole room is filled with my love for you.”

After coming home from a trip, my boyfriend, knowing my love for candles had lit candles all throughout the room. I hadn’t seen him in about 4 days, which was pure stress for me because I had been with him every day for the longest time. He was sitting on the couch with a bag of grapes to feed to me and some romantic songs playing on the radio. Little did he know he was making one of my biggest romantic fantasies come true!

Women love candle light. The first time you’re alone together at your place light a few candles and turn off all the lights. She will love it, especially if they are scented.

Have a handy supply of candles, wine, chocolates, and bubblebath in case of impromtu romantic evenings in.

Start a fire in the fireplace (if you have one). After that it’s up to you…

During a thunderstorm at night, intentionally kill the electricity in your house and unplug the phones cords from the walls without her knowing it. What this does is give you a reason to light up candles all over the house and will also set a mood where she will want to be protected by you. If in the right situation, it will make her feel like she’s in an episode of one of her favorite Soap Operas. To pass the time, engage in a board game but change the rules to a more “spiced” up version. Be sure to have some wine readily available for when things start to really get romantic. If you don’t get thunderstorms, pick a night when it’s really windy outside or you’re snowed in. Be sure to use “safety” precautions if trying this.

To create a romantic atmosphere hang white Christmas lights around your house and dim the lamps. Play slow music on your stereo and dance with your love.

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