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Holiday season is, of course, about connecting with your friends and family, and spoiling the kids with gifts, but do not forget that special man or woman in your life. This article provides tips on how to have a romantic holiday season with your partner.

In Japan, for reasons difficult to understand, Christmas eve is a romantic holiday, such as Valentine is for us. Maybe the Japanese thought that when we refer to Christmas as a time of love it meant romance.

Well let’s borrow something from the Japanese and make Christmas also as a romantic holiday besides everything else. For couples with kids, Christmas is about the kids and often they forget to do something special for themselves. For couples without kids, the holiday becomes a time of friendship and family, which, of course, is great. In addition to all of that, we can also have some special time as a couple.

Making Christmas special

There are many ways to celebrate romance, and we all like romance even when it is difficult to imagine amidst the many problems and challenges of life. Christmas is more than decorations and gifts, and no doubt, it a matter of unleashing the forgotten inner child. It is a time to feel, remember, and celebrate. Consequently more than anything else, it is the mindset of celebration that counts. The most important thing is to move away from the routine and put our minds in the celebration mode.

Let’s celebrate the holidays

Now that our minds are set for celebration, let your imagination run free and think what can you do with your loved one to have a special time only for the two of you. There are many activities that couples can do depending on their preferences and let us review a few ideas:

Be a child again. Would you and you loved one like to go skating? And then have a romantic dinner?

Would you like to have a special night in a hotel even if it is in your own city?

What about a romantic dinner at home or in a hotel room with champagne, chocolate, and caviar? It is not as expensive as it sounds and certainly it is grandiose. Many hotels offer packages for couples and those are generally a bargain.

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Plus, if you know you are not driving after dinner, you can truly enjoy that extra glass of champagne.

Intimate spa for the two of you. Get a romantic massage gift basket with all the products you need at hand. Then both of you exchange massages in a romantic environment with candles and great music (it does not need to be spa music)

What about dancing and going on a “date”? Or just admire the stars in a dark place while enjoying a cup of hot, high quality chocolate. You don’t have to be single to go on a date. There is nothing better than dating your partner.

Wherever you go, dress your best. Do your hair, feel beautiful and use great lingerie. Remember you are celebrating; celebrating Christmas and celebrating your love for each other.

Romantic gifts

The most beautiful gift that I got from my husband was a very simple, but a very special one. It was a simple inexpensive gift basket filled with lotions and oils that we both used that evening. There have been a lot of more expensive gift after that one, but few as special. Romantic gifts come from the time and interest you put into them; not from the amount of money you spend.

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