25 Days of Romance – Day 16

Romantic Ideas for Men

Draw her a warm bubble bath. Wash her back (& everywhere else). Take your time. Then towel her dry and carry her off to bed. Find Romantic bath items here.

Give her a full body massage without expecting anything in return. You’re sure to get your reward the next night! We have a special Massage Kit to use.

Little things go a long way. Hold her hand, link her arm through yours while you’re walking together, place your palm on the small of her back when standing beside her. Those tender gestures won’t go unnoticed.

Brush her hair at night. This can be very sensual. Be sure to use a brush, not a comb. And don’t pull. Be gentle. If you encounter a tangle, hold the hair above the tangle, then work it out.

Tell her you love her. Seems obvious, but many men overlook this. Women like to hear it. Often. Make her an audio tape and secretly slip it into the player or on her ipod for her to find.

25 Days of Romance – Day 15

Romantic Ideas for Women

Do something different. Instead of a massage, graze your nails lightly down his bare back (if you have good nails). It will send shivers of pleasure through his body.

Let him pick one fantasy a month for you to fulfill. Make up a list for him to choose from (that way the fantasy will be something that you’re not opposed to). Then plan it out as an official “date.” Get some ideas for your list here.

Have some sexy (but tasteful) pictures taken and give them to him as a gift. It’ll be something unexpected and special–meant for his eyes only.

Personally write him an erotic story. He’ll see a new and exciting dimension to you after that.
Put on some sexy clothes, turn on the music, then slowly strip the clothes off layer by layer while he watches.

25 Days of Romance – Day 14

More Simple Romantic Ideas

11. Drive for an hour or two just to have a picnic or stop at a restaurant you’ve never been at.

12. Name a Star together. When you’re apart you can look up at your star and know someone is out there waiting for your safe return.

13. Use glow in the dark stars and a black light to create a romantic night sky inside.

14. Create a spa atmosphere at home. Candles, essential oils and burners, mood music and massagers or other relaxation products can be purchased at almost any department store or bath shop. We also have them at Romance365.

15. Godiva, the fine chocolate maker, has developed wonderfully tasting chocolate liquor. Use wine glasses to serve it for dessert.

16. On a special night, dim the lights and put on soft music. Then, undress leaving a trail of your clothes from the front door to the bedroom; just before your love is about to arrive home.

17. Sit by the fire together roasting marshmallows.

18. While your love is taking a shower, sneak in and write, “I love you!” on the steamed mirror.

19. Make a puzzle of a love letter or brochure for a surprise getaway. Send a piece to your love everyday until it’s complete. Or leave a piece on the table or dresser everyday.

20. Make a tape recording asking your love to meet you somewhere or tell them how much they are loved.

21. Next time you’re walking anywhere, grab your love’s hand or walk arm and arm.

22. Make a “Prescription for Love” on the computer. Fill it out using words like: take two doses of love and come see me now or take with kisses twice daily. Use an empty medication bottle without the label, inside you can fill with heart candies or erotic messages.

23. Plan a surprise anniversary party for your love.

24. Leave a Hershey’s Kiss where it will be found with a note, “I’m thinking of kissing you.”

25. Just call to say, “I love you,” “I’m thinking of you” or “I miss you.”

25 Days of Romance – Day 13

Simple Romantic Ideas – Part 1

1. Bury a time capsule together with trinkets and love letters to each other. Draw a map with an X marking the spot. Store the map in your safety deposit box or in another safe place. Dig it up in 10 or 20 years.

2. Create a music disk of love songs, fun songs or songs that remind you of each other.

3. Plant a post-it note or two in a book your love is reading. Write “I love you,” I want you,” or “XOXOXO.”

4. Go to a photo booth at the mall together. Fool around while having your photo taken. Keep the photos in your car or at work for when you need a fun pick-me-up.

5. Plant a tree together and talk about how you will carve your names in it with a heart in 20 years.

6. Go to a coffee shop – just to sit together and talk. Or get coffee to go – go for a long scenic drive together.

7. Be naughty, play hooky together. Do whatever you want together. (Find some fun items here)

8. Send your love at letter at work. Disguise it in a business envelope. Make it happy for a pick me up, loving for romance and naughty if you’re planning a date that evening.

9. Heart shaped notes – use one at a time or 20 at a time. Plant little messages throughout the house or garage to add a thrill.

10. Pick up some dipping chocolate and strawberries or cherries at your local grocery store. This makes an incredibly romantic dessert for two.
See Part Two tomorrow ……………

25 Days of Romance – Day 12

Give the Most Romantic Gift this Season!

Kama Sutra Sweet Heart Gift Box

Love Never Tasted So Sweet! Available in Chocolate or Strawberry. This heart-shaped gift box is bursting with flavored body treats especially formulated to sweeten intimate encounters. It’s also a keepsake box for a future rendezvous!

Chocolate includes chocolate honey dust with feather applicator, chocolate Créme Brulee body souffle and dark chocolate body paint with body brush.

Strawberry includes: Includes: Strawberry Crème Brülèe Body Soufflé, White Chocolate Body Paint with a supple body paintbrush, Strawberry Dreams Honey Dust with feather applicator.
Make your kisses even sweeter this Holiday or Valentine’s Day!

25 Days of Romance – Day 11

Make Your Guy More Romantic

Yes, you can encourage him to be a little more thoughtful. Here’s how.

Of course, not all men are in tune with their romantic side. Fortunately, most men are highly trainable, and you can make your man more romantic — if you proceed carefully. Don’t ever pressure a guy into romance. That’s a sure turnoff and the most unromantic thing you can do.

Here’s what you can do:

Employ the golden rule. The best way to make your man romantic is by example — but remember, you need to give him romance on his terms, not yours. Pamper him. Do what he wants once in a while — be it drinking with the buddies, playing a computer game, or just watching TV. A spicy ending to any of these activities will make it all the more memorable. After that, show him you’d appreciate same kind of attention towards you, and eventually he’ll put it together.

Take charge. Plan an entire night on the town and let your man sit back and enjoy the ride. Women don’t know how difficult it is for a guy to always find creative and fun things to do, especially if you’re going out with someone two or three times a week.. So it’s romantic when the girl picks out a new restaurant and says, ‘Tonight I picked out a new place for us to go, and I’m really excited to go there with you.'”

Turn romance into a game. We suggest that you alternate planning weekly date nights. If you appeal to their competitive nature, a lot of men would put more thought and effort into the evening, trying to outdo their mate.

Let your guy know how much you appreciate little things he does for you — cooking dinner, walking around to the passenger-side of the car to let you in, buying your favorite candy bar when you feel blue. Show him how much you appreciate it. Bring it up in front of other women so he gets a few oohs! and ahhs!, After that, he’ll soon be flooding you with romantic moments!

25 Days of Romance – Day 10

Tis The Season To Be Sexy

With the stress of the holiday season, often times we forget to take time out for ourselves or our personal relationships. Why not relieve some stress by un-wrapping your own personal present in the bedroom? Perhaps you want to be a sexy Mrs. Claus, or perhaps just be sexy in a long red gown and relax for the evening. The choice is yours! Find your Holiday Lingerie Now

Everyone is worried about being festive why not be festive in a place that is the most relaxing – your bedroom! There are many styles to choose from: Cupless Corsets, Chemise Sets, Babydolls, and MORE! Of course the Christmas Collection comes in different shades of red, maroon, white, etc. Shop online for sexy lingerie

You can certainly try this idea on for size – How about purchasing yourself a piece of lingerie from a Christmas Collection and when time allows around the holidays put this on and wish him a Merry Christmas? You can even put on a bow, and be his personal gift! Once again, get creative with your lingerie especially this stressful time of the year. Get it while its hot!

25 Days of Romance – Day 9

5 Tips for A Romantic Holiday Get Away

Whether your plan is to relax with massages and mai-tais, or you’re hoping for an active adventure rafting and sightseeing… if you’re going on a holiday vacation for the first time as a couple, you’ll want to steer clear of stresses that can ruin your time together. Use these five helpful tips for romantic getaways.

Romantic Getaway Tip 1: Have a laugh

Odds are, at least one thing will go wrong during your time together — ranging from lost luggage to a bad sunburn — and at some point, you will have to be flexible if plans change. You’ll get to know a lot about your guy (his temper, and his drinking habits) when you see how he reacts to these glitches. If you accidentally order the $300 bottle of wine thinking it was $30, it’s reason to be annoyed — but don’t let it ruin the remainder of your trip. Save money the rest of the time by hosting romantic picnics in your hotel room.

Romantic Getaway Tip 2: Consider him a manly man

Being on vacation together for the first time should help you to see how your interests overlap. But a word to the wise: don’t use your man as a replacement for your girlfriends. Even the best of guys have limits. Respect the fact that the same way watching him pick out power tools or video games bores you to tears, he may not love everything that’s pink. So if you’re looking for a vacation that is a mani-pedi extravaganza, take it with the girls, not your guy. Try to plan equal opportunity activities that you’ll both end up enjoying.

Romantic Getaway Tip 3: Bring snacks

The old saying that the way to a man’s heart is through food holds true where travel is concerned. It’s also a method to make your guy way less cranky. When you’re sightseeing, you never know when a half hour line or waiting for a table may push a few buttons. If you carry a few protein bars, some nuts or a piece of fruit in your purse, he’ll not only love you for it, but it may help avert World War III with a restaurant hostess.

Romantic Getaway Tip 4: Factor in some “me time”

Okay, it’s understood that you might just have to try on the swimsuit you passed by in a shop window — hey, you’re only human. This is what “me time” is for. While you shop for an hour, it will allow your guy some time to check scores, read the news, go for a run, whatever he wants to do…with the promise that you’ll model any of the new items you purchase.

Romantic Getaway Tip 5: Sex it up

What fun is vacation with your guy if you can’t get back to why you love one another in the first place? From flirty little gestures while you are sightseeing to taking one day out of your trip to do nothing but enjoy the view from your hotel room, vacationing one on one will no doubt bring you closer as a couple. Plan ahead – order a romantic gift basket to be sent to your holiday destination – or pack a little something you purchased ahead of time in your luggage for a surprise later! A few ideas you might consider, romantic massage kits, massage oils, toys, or whatever you like.

For many couples, this will be the first romantic trip of many. And we have heard , and instinctively know, that compromise and planning are key to any relationship. Most importantly, have fun!

25 Days of Romance – Day 8

Thanks to the crazy weather we have been without internet connection for two days. So you are going to get 3 posts today. Enjoy.

Planning A Romantic Evening

Women like romantic dates and unfortunately some men have no clue how to arrange one. If a guy knows his date would love to have a “perfect evening,” what does he to do accomplish it? A lot depends on the woman and what she likes.

The first thing a man needs to do when planning such a perfect evening is to consult her friends. Women tell each other everything, and chances are, she has talked to them about what she would love to do on a date. A smart man will see his girlfriend’s companions as his first and best source of information.

Find out if she likes flowers, and if so, what kind. Not every woman loves red roses. Some prefer yellow, some like daisies, some would rather have a gift basket. Whatever the form the bouquet needs to take, the man should arrange to have it made up in advance.

He also needs to think about dinner — her preferences, not his. This is not a time to be close cheap either. If she likes fine dining, get out the credit card. Not all women like this kind of atmosphere, but if she does, he should accommodate her, and should tell her they are going to a nice place where she will need to dress up, and he will will do the same. In any event, the dining should be something he knows she likes.

If the weather is pleasant, and he knows she likes that kind of thing, a moonlight picnic is also very romantic. He should bring a nice selection of goodies and a couple of quilts — one to sit on, one to snuggle under. The batteries in his CD player should be fresh and he should bring along some romantic music to play.

What the couple actually does on the date is determined by what they like to do. Do they enjoy plays, concerts or movies? One suggestion is for the man to clean up his place and rent some nice movies. If this is a true romantic date, you may want to have some romantic gifts ready for her.

Now we have assumed that the man will plan the date. If, however, the woman wants to plan something romantic, she has a lot of options, as well. She should be bound by the same rules as the guy, and should talk to his friends about his movie preferences and that kind of thing.

If the woman cooks, few things win their way to a man’s heart like a home-cooked meal. Call it old-fashioned, but there it is. The woman should cook something she is familiar with and has cooked before. This is not the time to try new recipes. New recipes tried under stress invariably fail. She should think of comfort food her guy likes. She should also do as much as she can in advance, so she has less to do the night of the date. She can do all the chopping, peeling and preparation ahead of time, so that all is left to do is the actual cooking. It does something to a man when he walks into a home that smells deliciously of good food cooking.

There is no one “template” for a perfect romantic evening. Much depends on the couple’s individual preferences. However, careful planning, with an eye toward pleasing the other half of the couple, will usually result in an evening filled with good memories.

25 Days of Romance – Day 7

Sexy Stocking Stuffer Gifts for the Holidays

Whether it’s the perfect stocking stuffer for your new lover, an (appropriate) sexual themed gag gift for the office Secret Santa, or a small reminder that the holidays aren’t just about family-rated fun, here is a line-up of new and old favorites to suit shopping budgets great and small.

Kama Sutra Strawberry Dreams Weekender Kit
These small-yet-potent indulgences from Kama Sutra are as flavorful and aromatic as a luscious berry, and they’re ripe for romance any time you desire. Tuck into a pocket, purse, or overnight bag.

The Get Away Kit

Introducing the ideal travel companion. This collection of Kama Sutra products fit nicely into your luggage and carry-on and are perfectly sized under 3.4 oz to meet the flight regulatory standards. You’ll have everything you need tucked away within this soft, reusable carrier case, complete with a Kama Sutra logo zipper!

Romantic Massage Kit

Please & Pamper the one you love with the Romantic Massage Kit. Enclosed you will find tropical scented massage cream to arouse the senses and tealites to create a relaxing candl lit setting. Share the muscle soothing back massager and playfully explore the intimate and sensual massage techniques provided in the mini massage guide. Express your love through touch for an unforgettably romantic massage experience.

52 Weeks of Romance

52 Weeks of Romance. holds a year’s supply of scratch & win cards with romantic I.O.U.’s, suggestions, coupons, roll plays, gestures & more…

Milk Chocolate Body Paint

Enjoy the sweet pleasure of a single chocolate body paint. For those who have been tempted by their creative side, indulge your artistic muse with this decadently rich body paint.

Flavored Body Dust

This Body Dust is a sweet, lick-able, body shimmer powder that leaves your skin glowing with a glittering, golden sheen that smells and tastes just like its sweet namesake. Simply apply to arms, legs, shoulders, and decollete. Place anywhere you want to be kissed! This is one of the best tasting ALL NATURAL body dusts around and can be used safely during oral sex or on any part of the body.

Pheromone Candles

Themed candles with Pheromones for sensual arousal. Hand-made special paraffin was blended with lead-free wicks.

Finger Fun Vibrator

This splashy waterproof vibe slides discreetly on one finger and is made of clear, pliable jelly rubber with a textured finish. We were excited to see such a well-designed new toy that’s great for solo use and partner sex.

Women Black Satin Bustier corset Bra Top

A really sexy black satin bustier/corset bra style top, with gorgeous open criss cross detail running down both sides, and typical hook and eye corset style fastening at the back. Really accentuates the cleavage and curves.

Sex Toy of the Month Club

Send a new sex toy every month. Each monthly toy is sent with a customized message card (if requested) – all shipped directly to the recipient. Sign up today and let Romance 365 take care of the rest!

25 Days of Romance – Day 6

The UpSide to Being Single During the Holidays

OK, I know we are talking about 25 Days of Romance, but you can romance yourself as well. I want all the single guys and gals to realize that you can have a fun and romantic holiday, even if you are not with someone special.

No need to feel sad about being single during the holidays. In fact, you should be happy that you can do what you want, when you want!

Contrary to popular belief, couples and families do not have a copyright on holiday cheer.

What do you think are the biggest benefits of being happily single during the holidays? Besides getting to kiss anyone or everyone under the mistletoe, (a pretty big plus, anyone would have to admit) here are a few more singles-only holiday perks:

  • No arguments in the car about who said something stupid to whom at the family party.
  • Not having to wake up at some ungodly hour to open gifts and pretend I’m surprised or elated.
  • Decorating the tree in green, pink and purple bows if I feel like it… or not at all.
  • Not having to coordinate everything with a lazy husband who made us late everywhere we went, then just fell asleep on the couch wherever we were.
  • I can go shopping and completely avoid Home Depot and the golf store. Plus, I can hit every store I want without hearing the whine, “Do we have to go in here?”
    Spending less money and anxiety on trying to find that “perfect gift.” I can buy myself something instead.
  • Because I’m single, I still get as many presents from my mom as I did when I was a kid. As soon as I have kids, I’ll get an ugly sweater and slippers from her, and nothing else. I know, because I’ve seen it happen to my older sister!
  • More time to spend with my family and friends, and less stress trying to juggle multiple families and expectations. I can spend however much I want, have dinner wherever I want and spend Christmas wherever I want, rather than spending time with people out of obligation.
  • I don’t have to watch the Christmas football games. Instead I can sit down with a glass of red wine and watch the “What Not to Wear” marathon all afternoon.
  • I have more energy and time to put into doing good in the community. Last Christmas morning, I volunteered to serve food at a local restaurant that put on a huge spread for homeless people in town. It made me so grateful for everything that I have in life — which is a lot.
  • I don’t need a partner to have fun!! I can satisfy myself anytime I want with whatever makes me happy!! I can buy myself a romantic gift that I like!

All in all, being single during the holidays does not have to be a lonely or depressing experience. Enjoy being single this year!

25 Days of Romance – Day 5

Top 10 Romantic Gifts for the Holiday

And the survey says ………..

We have been asking the question “What romantic gift would you like to receive from your lover for Christmas?” to men and women all year long and we have the answer. This is what you said you wanted for Christmas in the romance department.

Women Said:

1. Something that makes me feel sexy in bed! I don’t mean a skimpy piece of lingerie – I mean a mood – tease me – please me – do it slow – and spend time with me. We recommend the kama sutra bedside box or the sweet celebrations box. She will LOVE YOU for it!!

2. Roses are my favorite!! But the real ones are hard to find or expensive during the holidays. How about some red silk rose petals thrown about on the bed and the floor? Then perhaps you can feed me strawberries and chocolate in bed!! We know what happens next!!

3. Sometimes he just can’t do it all by himself. You know what I mean – women achieve that orgasm long after he is done. She wants something to help you help her. We recommend this item for guaranteed joy on her part!

4. I want something romantic to open under the tree or in the privacy of our bedroom! A gift basket filled with romantic ideas and treats is just the thing to fulfill this wish. Find them all here.

5. A massage!! Plain and simple and use something nice – not that junk that sticks to your skin. Kama sutra massage oil is not sticky and it smells delicious. Find all kinds of kama sutra massage products here.

Men Said:

1. Well, I’m not really into the romance thing – but I’ll do whatever makes you happy. Lets make it easy and get the BIG basket with everything in it. We can try it all!!

2. I am sensitive to your wants and needs. I know you want romance and want me to take care of you. Lets get away for the weekend. Kama Sutra has a nice weekend getaway kit that I can pack and surprise her with when we get there!

3. I like a good massage also. How about a massage kit that has everything in it?

4. He wants oral sex!! Make it tasty with this edible gift basket …..

5. I’m not into romance really, but I do like to play around. So again, whatever you want – I’ll give you. The lets play basket is perfect for any occasion.

Men and women differ, but one thing is certain – we all enjoy a good session of fun anytime!!

The Perfect Valentine Gift doesn't have to be flowers and candy!

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