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Find the ideal gift ideas at Romance 365! Sensual products make great gifts for any occasion and almost every person. Below we have suggestions for both men and women.

Designed just to make them feel good, this collection of gift suggestions is sure to satisfy! These romantic gift baskets are filled with everything you need to have a playful evening. You and your loved one will have hours of fun and these won’t die like flowers!! Click here for more Romantic Gift Baskets and ideas

Or perhaps you are looking for something on the naughty side? How about the sex toy of the month club?? Click here for more information.


You’ve gone out with her a few times, the level of commitment is low, and you’re simply having a lot of fun. What do you buy her? This situation is the trickiest of them all because the wrong gift can take the relationship from casual dating to a full-fledged commitment.

Here is our perfect Holiday Day Gift Idea: The Pulsabath Heart Sponge

Every man, at one point in his life, will hook up with a woman simply for sex — and amazing sex at that. This type of relationship is particularly exciting when Valentine’s Day comes around, and coming up with the ideal Holiday Day gift can be amusing in itself. Choosing the right gift will hopefully guide the intensity of the evening and make it a night to remember.

Our suggestion for the perfect Holiday Day Gift Idea is beautiful gift baskets or perhaps a great sex toy! We have chosen our favorites, but feel free to browse our products and find what’s right for you!

The married man will probably run out of original gift ideas sooner or later. He doesn’t necessarily need to show commitment with his gifts, but he needs to set the mood for the upcoming passionate evening.

In this situation, buy her an unconventional gift basket, romance game, or special oils and lotions. This gift will likely be appreciated by her and surely has a sexual connotation (which most men love).


A lot of guys are confused as to what to get a woman for Valentine’s Day. They may take the easy way out and just get flowers or a romantic card. Well, you can do better than that. You want to stand out from the rest of the guys. In other words, you want to impress her so much, she will never forget you.

Here’s a list of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day that are guaranteed to win her heart:

• Personalize your Holiday day gift idea!! We have beautiful lead crystal gifts that are sure to please. Our favorites: heart paperweight, optic crystal diamond, crystal heart frame, heart vase or crystal trinket box. All include engraved names and dates!! Check out our complete line here.

• All women love chocolate. Our Chocolate Dreams Gift Set is delicious and fun for both of you! .

• Starbucks gift certificate.

• Most women love a great gift basket!!. Get her our favorite basket

• Movie theatre tickets or tickets for an upcoming concert would be a good gift.

• Sterling silver anklet or bracelet is sure to impress.

• Sterling silver anklet or bracelet is sure to impress.

• You can’t go wrong by giving her our pulsabath vibrating sweetheart sponge!. They love them!

• Women love to take baths. Buy her the Kama Sutra Weekender or, better yet, the Full size Kama Sutra Gift tin! . Hopefully, you can join her in the tub to soak, if you know what I mean.

• Ambercrombie & Fitch T-Shirt or Sweatshirt.

• Gift certificate for a manicure or pedicure.

• Find out her favorite color of roses and surprise her with a bouquet of roses.

There you have it! Now go out and get her something. These gifts don’t necessarily have to be with your sweetheart. They can be for someone who you wish was your sweetheart.

Anniversary Gifts

Whether it’s their first year or their 50th, we have a gift that will add some romance, spice or a whole lot of fun! We also recommend this gift for a Holiday Day Gift Idea.

Hidden within this beautiful tin, myriad pleasures await the curious — to be discovered as romance unfolds. A generous, playful and inspiring offering for weddings, anniversaries, second honeymoons or any couple in the mood for fun. Inside, full sizes of: The Original Oil of Love, Pleasure Balm, Honey Dust, Honey Almond Massage Cream and Sweet Almond Massage Oil.

Wedding Boutique

Looking for a wedding, bridal or shower gift? We’ve selected some classy, elegant products for these special occasions. This gift idea is the perfect way to say I love you on Holiday Day.

This basket is filled with some of the best romance products available. You and your loved one will have hours of fun with the following items: Jumbo Fantasy dice, Throw Blanket Game, 100 Ways to Romance Book, Hugs n Kisses Coupons, Zen Bedroom Spray, Happy Hearts Massager, Kama Sutra Massage Oil, Whole Lotta Kisses Tin, Watermelon Edible Fizz, Finger paints, Box of Chocolates, Love Mints and Strawberry Massage Bar.

Bachelorette Boutique

Check out our selection of fun and naughty items perfect for the bride-to-be.

Bachelor Party Gifts

Every bachelor should be armed with some exciting new sex toys to share with his better half.

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