Kissing Tips: Unique Ways to Kiss

Share a Hershey’s Kiss or Hug while kissing, use your tongues to pass it back and forth. It can get messy – don’t wipe it away! Let your honey lick it away!

Buy some mistle-toe and strategically hang it over places you often stand together (bathroom sink, kitchen sink, living room couch, etc.)

When you wake up in the morning with your lover, a unique way to kiss is through the covers. Sprinkle kisses all over their ‘mummified’ body to wake him or her up. Click here for some suggestions to keep her kissing all night!

Kiss your first two fingers and wipe them across his lips.

My girlfriend and I call this ‘The Resistance Game’ cause what it involves is tryin to make your partner kiss you by any means – lickin their lips, gliding your lips over theirs (it’s not a kiss) or whispering seductive words like ‘Kiss me’,’Don’t you want to kiss me’ or’ kiss me, you know you want to – you want to so bad’. And the first one to really ‘kiss’ looses. It’s a real teaser, but damn you have to try it – you’ll love it!

Put a Skittle or Smartie in your mouth and let them try to find it with their tongue… Also, I had to make a response to another person’s tip in the “Sensual-Romantic_Kisses” section, DONT use both hands when holding their face for a kiss, cause it shows “control” over them, use only one hand…

Get a cherry stem and try to tie it in a knot while french kissing your partner. It’s very exciting and takes a while for even the most experienced kissers. It took my girlfriend and I 45 minutes, but it was fun! Click here for some suggestions to keep her kissing all night!

Try putting honey on your lips before you kiss your honey.

Hold a stawberry between your teeth, and when she comes close to you pull away and then let her take a bite out of it while it’s still in your mouth.

Buy a bottle of cold lemon soda and drink it all up. Then slowly kiss your partner until he/she can taste the soda on your lips and tongue.

I am a goof and it’s something my hunny loves about me, so I let it shine through. I’ll rub my hands all over his face to be goofy and just as he wonders what the heck I’m doing, I lean in and kiss him passionately. He can’t figure out if he should be aroused or amused or both.

Get a cube of ice and suck on it. After it is gone and your mouth is cold, kiss your partner. It feels great!

I have to add to the Pop Rocks kiss: Have one partner put the Pop Rocks in their mouth. Then the other takes a small sip of a lemon/lime type soda. Then kiss….

Wet your lips a little then sprinkle them with sugar. Now give your love a very sweet kiss!

It’s one thing to use lip glosses and ice cubes, but why not rub your lips with a cinnamon heart before kissing your hunny? It’s like lip gloss, but without the oily, cosmetic taste, as well as a bit of spice Click here for some suggestions to keep her kissing all night!

Even though people warn against this, try opening your eyes while kissing. Make sure you don’t look away. My boyfriend loves it.

Kissing upside down. If your partner is laying with their head in your lap bend forward and press your lips to theirs.

Kiss your girl softly and sensually on her ear, breathe softly and gradually slip your tongue in. It’s great, when my boyfriend first did it to me I melted.

Invite your sweetie over for a casual date of coffee and ice cream. First, drink a sip of hot coffee and let warmth sink into your entire mouth, then kiss him/her. Pull away and take a spoonful of cold ice cream, letting it melt until your mouth feels almost numb with cold, and quickly kiss him/her again before the previous feeling of warmth is gone.

While you’re kissing, make a tight seal around your lovers mouth, so that no air can escape. Then, once the seal is good and tight, very very slowly begin to breathe in, coaxing your lover’s breath out of their lungs and into yours, then, once you’ve gotten most of it, they’ll probably begin to take it back, and allow him to gently pull the air from your lungs. You may want to discuss this kiss at first. It will leave you positively lightheaded! Click here for some suggestions to keep her kissing all night!

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