Ideas for Finding the Perfect Summer Romance

Have you been looking for good ideas for romance? Sometimes summer romances can bloom into what feels like the greatest love of your life. Maybe it’s the heat, maybe it’s the fact that summer is so short and sweet, or maybe it is just plain true love when you’re not looking, but there’s something about love in the summer that makes it unique. I’m sure we can all look back and remember at least one such summer love. Bittersweet and full of promise.

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We are never too old to indulge again in a summer love. They can happen fast and yet you may be asking yourself – just how do I create a summer romance? Here are a few suggestions:

Think of carefree, sun-drenched tourists; the scent of coconut oil; a little tequila; and skin – skin everywhere! Who wouldn’t be in feeling warm toward romance? So if it’s been a little chilly and you are having a hard time with ideas in your romance department so far this year, try a hot summer vacation to fire things up. The opportunities are endless.

Romance idea 1. Let loose.

If you are generally shy, this is the one time you may have what it takes to loosen up a bit. Think about it. You are in a new city – a stranger among strangers and no one to pass judgment. Reinvent yourself and live it up!

Romance idea 2. Fly solo.

If you are the adventurous type, traveling alone is a great way to meet people. Not only do you find yourself chit-chatting with everyone from the bellhop to the bartender, but fellow single travelers take notice when you ask for a table for one. There is no harm in trying the old standby: Anyone sitting here?”

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Romance idea 3. Look available.

Body language is everything, and flirtation doesn’t hurt either. Smile at everyone and invite yourself into others conversations. All it takes for a woman to meet a man is one word: “Hi.”

Romance idea 4. Look lost.

You’re new in town; you don’t know your way around. Play dumb (but not too dumb) and ask for directions – even if you know you’re standing right on top of your destination. Or ask someone to point out the best local hangout or place to eat; it’s a great quiet invitation into asking him or her to join you.

Romance idea 5. Group date.

Dating in a crowd still counts as dating and often can be easier than one-on-one. Feign the need for an extra person or persons to round out the required “group” for a deep-sea fishing trip. Or just flat out ask the person and his/her friend on the beach to join you for an adventure at sea.

Romance idea 6. Board the love boat.

Singles cruises are by far the best course of action for some action. The ship just screams “available” with group gatherings and activities at all hours. And what better way to get to know someone than by exploring an exciting port together all day?

Romance idea 7. Hit the gym.

If you’re a fitness freak, show off that buff body at your hotel gym. The facilities are usually pretty small, so it’s easy to strike up a conversation. If you spot a cutie, and you’re staying at the hotel for an extended period of time, visit the gym daily so you can see each other again and again. Continuity will get you far.

Romance idea 8. Be a sport.

Summer is also a good time to sweat (and release those pheromones), so get active on your vacation with some summer sports. Here’s where the guys are, so you gals have an advantage. Take up golf; ask a stranger to be your tennis partner; get in on the beach volleyball game.

Most of all remember it’s hot and people like to spend time outdoors, especially if they’ve been cooped up at home during a cold gray winter. The newfound sense of freedom associated with summer’s advent also leads to more than a few new relationships – the sun is shining, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and everyone is in less clothes! Why not meet someone new and start something that will keep you warm through next winter?

The best advice for romance ideas anyone can give during these hot summer dates is to play it cool and just be you!

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