Date Ideas: Romantic Dates

Date Ideas: Romantic Dates

Take her somewhere where there is a spectacular view…by the water or on top of a hill overlooking the city or town where you live.

Go somewhere by an airport, sit in the grass, have a picnic and watch the airplanes take off and land. It’s really romantic.

This might only work on the east coast. Take your girl/boyfriend to the beach and watch the moon rise. It is very romantic when the moon is full, and it turns the ocean orange.

Take a bike ride in the country and bring along a picnic.

The most romantic evening I ever had was like this: Men rent or wear a tuxedo, and tell the girl to wear a really nice dress/gown. Take her into a downtown atmosphere. Walk into a semi-formal or formal restaurant. After dinner rent a carriage ride through the city. With big buildings, lights, and music… It’s the perfect romantic setting.

Economical: Picnics, star gazing, camp fires and marshmallows – No-Budget: hot air balloon rides, jet ski rental and head for the lake.

Find an old barn and sit on the roof. Try to pick a night when the sky is clear and the stars are visible. Bring a picnic lunch or just talk.

The drive-in movie is a long, lost art. Tell your date that you are going to the movies, but previously have set up a TV/VCR outside. Thus, when you drive up to your set-up, you can roll down the windows, crank up the volume on the movie, and enjoy a romantic evening. Note: you will need to do this near your home so you can access extension cords.

Drive her out into the middle of nowhere. When she asks you what you are doing, play a slow song in your tape deck/CD player, turn it up loud and ask her to dance.

Rent a paddle boat. Some cities (like Montreal in Canada) have very romantic canals to explore.

Go on a carriage ride pulled by horses.

Go to the beach on a warm night. You can sit in the sand and talk and it is very romantic to listen to the waves and watch the stars.

If you really want a cozy, romantic atmosphere, find out if your city has gondolas. You rent them and the company provides the gondolier so you can relax and talk with your date. Bring along wine and snacks.

Go to the beach at night. Bring a blanket, music and talk.

Some companies offer evening cruises aboard a boat that resembles a large houseboat. Some have restaurants in them that look out over the water, and music playing on the roof and decks. This boat is not the size of a cruise ship and there are other people on it with you, so the prices are very reasonable. Very romantic at night!

If you own a sailboat take her sailing in the evening. Bring a picnic dinner to have aboard the deck. Around dusk it will be very romantic.

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