A Cozy Valentine’s Day Menu for Two

Make it Romantic and Easy Too!

Is there any rule that says the only way to show your love on Valentine’s Day is by eating an expensive, filling dinner? I didn’t think so, but by the look of most Valentine’s Day menus, you would think we were romancing our stomachs and not our partners on that day.

If you head out to a restaurant, you’re usually stuck with an expensive menu that will leave you a little too stuffed to do much after dinner other than lumber your way into bed and off to your favorite nightmares. Likewise, if you tackle the typical, recommended menu for Valentine’s Day, it’s likely you’ll be spending hours preparing very expensive ingredients, with the same lethargic results.

So, this begs the question, what can you do to share a romantic meal with your partner that won’t leave you bereft of funds and energy on February 14? How about a very simple, and cozy dinner designed around a fondue pot? Most of the ingredients can be prepared in advance, and merely stirred together in the fondue pot at the right time. Nothing is terribly expensive. And, finally, nothing beats dipping into the same pot of fondue for intimacy over dinner.

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An Easy, Cozy Valentine’s Day Menu

Hot Peppered Candied Walnuts – Warm up your evening by feeding these candied walnuts to each other. Prepare them in advance, and enjoy them with your favorite dry cocktail.

Italian Cheese Fondue – Select one of two cheese options for the degree of pungency you prefer.

Mixed Green Salad – Serve with your favorite dressing.

Fondue a la Chalet Suisse – This is a very easy dessert to prepare.

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